Featured Car of the Week: Ali’s  VR6 Swapped Mk2 VW Golf

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This week on GT Speed we feature Ali’s VR6 Swapped Mk2 VW Golf

The VR6 engine is perhaps one of the most amazing pieces of engineering to ever stem from Volkswagen, and when combined with a lightweight and versatile platform such as the Mk2 Volkswagen Golf, it turns a commonplace commuter car into a scorching hot hatch, throw forced induction into the mix and you have a recipe for spine twisting speed and excessive horsepower.

This particular VR6 Swapped Mk2 VW Golf was built by Lenas Garage in Albania. It was bought in Germany back in 2014, and was at first sporting a turbo setup with the VR6’s internals untouched.

After an engine rebuild, the engine was mated to an R32 Golf gearbox. The rest is history.

Ali’s Golf has been drag racing ever since, running a maximum of around 22 psi, it outputs 500 horsepower out of its three liter VR6 powerhouse.


Here is an overview of the VR6 Swapped Mk2 VW Golf build.

  • VR6 3.0 liters with a 7200 rpm redline
  • Wiseco pistons
  • Eagle piston rods
  • Reworked cylinder head
  • 630cc Siemens Deka Fuel Injectors
  • Ball Bearing GT35 turbo at 22 PSI maximum, external wastegate, 500 hp
  • R32 mk4 transmission
  • Toyo R88 tires
  • Original 17′ VW wheels

If there is one thing we can take away from this build is the sheer potential that lurks inside the compact yet large VR6, a seemingly paradoxical engine that is for this exact reason, a tuner and owner favorite. Blown, boosted or naturally aspirated, the VR6 is special.

Overall, Ali’s VR6 Swapped Mk2 VW Golf is one of the most down to earth builds we have ever seen, especially because like most great cars, it’s a daily driver.

You can see it in action in the videos below.

The sound is nothing short of glorious!

Racing with big guys

And here we see it in a midnight race…

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