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We know for quite a while that GM is developing a mid-engine high performance car,that might be the next-generation Corvette.As of now nothing is for sure,because the “rumors” aren’t official yet.Anyway,GM inside news dug up what might be,the first leaked photo of the C8 Corvette.Now before anyone goes crazy,let us give you some info.

Katech a developer of high performance engines based in Michigan,might have accidently released a pic of the C8’s engines.Katech used to develop engines for Corvette Racing,but later GM brought that development in-house.


So Katech might have been called back to develop the C8’s engine.It is possible as now the pic from the website has been removed,as you can see the pic showed what seems to be the a drawing of a Corvette hood,and its clearly not a C7 hood.The name of the engine was also written LT5,also the 2018+ Corvette ZR1/Zorra was written alongside.GM has trademarked the name Zorra and ZR1,this is not a myth anymore.Some other rumors say that the new C8 might debut at the 2018 Detroit auto show.Well,this might be the clearest sighn that the new C8 Corvette,is going mid-engine.







Source: CarBuzz

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