What could be more revolutionary in aircraft manufactures than owning 3D-printed jet engines?Researches from Monash University have now 3D-printed two jet engines.

These revolutionary machines were shown for the 1st time at an International Air Show in Avalon,Viktoria,Australia.We also learned that all the parts of the engine were made using these printers.A very thin layer of metal power was spread across a base plate,giving the exact shape from a computer generated template with laser.So 3D printing makes products by layering material until a three-dimensional object is created and this is how the jet engine parts were made.’’No one has printed an entire engine commercially yet ‘’ said engineer Ben Batagol.He continues “The project is a spectacular proof of concept that’s leading to significant contracts with aerospace companies,”
The project was led by Professor Xinhua Wu (which is also the director of the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing).
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