An R34 GTR Californian canyons and a happy man is enough to make your day.

The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is the holy grail of JDM tuner cars, and even though loved by everybody, the R34 GT-R is still the forbidden fruit for the US residents. This is a 2001 model and even though 16 years old, this baby is more beautiful than most cars made today.

It has a few little mods on it and some mild suspension, and it makes about 360 horses at the wheel, which is more than enough for you to fully enjoy these Californian canyons and the beautiful Californian weather. The R34 GT-R is such an amazing machine that it has the power of sending you back in time. In the tittle we did wrote a happy man, but this guy turned into a happy kid once he started driving Godzilla.