This tiny two stroke Nitro engine might not look like much, but for the size it has, it makes such a tremendous power, that you wouldn’t believe your eyes.

These types of engines are commonly used in the RC cars, and they are called Nitro engines, because they run on Nitromethane and they can sometimes rev through the roof, touching te 50.000 rpm mark.

Even more impressive about these engines is that they burn Nitromethane, which is a type of fuel that only highly modified engines use, in fact it’s the same type of fuel that the Funny Car uses, and it makes 8000 horses and hits the 100 mph mark in less than a second. As you will see in the video below, the guy swapped the crankcase cover with a plexiglass cover, and that allows you to see how the engine works from the inside, well it doesn’t give you visibility of all of the inside of the engine, but it is more than enough to understand how hectic the inside of an engine looks, when it’s doing its job. Even though the speed and the scale of an RC engine can’t compare to that if a full size car, this video will still give you a visualization of the forces at play inside your crankcase.

Nitro engine