The craziest C2 Corvette you have ever seen.

Corvettes are widely used in the drag racing world, the C6 and the C7 are the most famous ones, but this is the first time we see a blown C2 drag racing. The C2 is often looked as a classic but hey, we have nothing against this drag monster that doesn’t like to keep its four feet on the ground.

Getting two wheels up in the air is not uncommon in drag racing, but getting two wheels from the same side up, that’s where all the problems come from, as it’s not easy to control your car at that kind of speed, but Bruce Darby managed that quite well. They have named their car “The Alcoholic”, and judging by the way this beast slides side to side while accelerating, it feats it perfect. What do you guys think, does this C2 feet the drag racing world, or is it more of a classic that shouldn’t be touched.

C2 Corvette