VIC Time Attack event at Phillip Island is heaven on earth.

Honestly the only reason why I want to go on a trip to Australia is to see the holy land of Skylines. Japan made them, but from what I have seen Australia has a lot and I mean a lot of Skylines.

We have seen some crazy stuff from here, a lot of high horsepower R32’s, R33’s and R34’s also, but this time we’re here to watch some crazy track spec Skyline GT-R’s. Almost all of them look normal, but there’s one R34 that looks like a Spaceship and with a purpose. That big wing and all those aero kits and that big rear diffuser help keep the R34 on track, while it corners with crazy speeds. Australians sure know to take care of their cars as it isn’t cheap building a Skyline, but looks like these guys have their priorities right.

Time Attack