There are few absolute truths out there but this is one of them; the Corvette Z06 is a seriously fast car. This thing will rocket to sixty in three seconds flat and top out at a massive 200mph. That being said, it’s so much more than straight line speed.

Fat Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires coupled with magnetic dampers, a clever electronic differential, and loads of electronic wizardry mean it can manage an un-heard of 1.17g of grip. This being said, we live in a world where more is well, more, and the grass is always greener on the other side. Take the Mclaren P1. Sure, you could buy 15 or so Z06’s for the same price, but the P1 will always be faster; a lesson learned by this poor Corvette z06 driver at the Circuit of the Americas. It should be noted that the Corvette managed to tail its British counterpart for an impressive amount of time. In the end though, more horsepower is well, more horsepower.