By Phillip Oliveira

Let me run a crazy idea by you: What if you took a Jeep Grand Charokee, and stuffed a Hellcat 6.2L supercharged v8 into it? That’s precisely what Fiat-Chrysler is proposing doing in 2018. Behold; the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. 0-60? 2.7 Seconds.

That’s right, a Jeep that’ll hit 60 miles per hour faster than most supercars. While that seems completely impossible, Fiat-Chrysler insists that with 700hp, all-wheel-drive, and approximately 500lbs in weight reduction, it can be done.


Unfortunately, don’t expect to see these strange Hellcat-powered Jeeps on the streets until 2018, when they’ll only be sold for about a year as Fiat-Chrysler still plans to kill the Hellcat in 2019. The unconfirmed price tag is $79,999, but with such a limited production run, we wouldn’t be surprised to see much, much higher dealership sticker prices.
So what do you think? Supercar acceleration in a Jeep Grand Cherokee for $80,000?