Mazda just released this teaser picture, and while you should draw your own conclusions, all signs appear to point towards an RX-7 revival.
Unfortunately this teaser photo brings up more questions than answers; all we really know is that it’s long hood and small rear point towards a front engined, rear-drive sports car. Will it be powered by a rotary? A boosted four cylinder? A SkyActiv rotary?

Only time will tell. Up to now, we’ve assumed that Mazda has all but killed the rotary engine and rumors of an RX-7 revival pop-up at least once a year. While we’re skeptical, this teaser image looks striking and  certainly points to something special.

The timing would be perfect; 2017 marks the RX-7’s 50th anniversary and 2020 marks Mazda’s 100th birthday. Expect to hear more information at the Tokyo motor show coming up soon.