Cars are getting stupid quick. 20 years ago, 600 horsepower would get you into the ‘world’s fastest car club’.
Today there are half a dozen options for 600+hp cars under $100k.

Nowadays if you’re gunning for hypercar superiority, the magic number to aim for is 1000hp, but who says only the super-rich get to enjoy four-digit horsepower? Behold; here are 10 cars that have no right to make 1000hp+, but they do!

-BOBA Motoring MK2 Golf

-1500HP Nissan Patrol

-1000hp+ JEEP SRT8

-1500+hp Toyota Van

-+1000 HP Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

-Audi S2 – 1000bhp

-1100HP Nissan Qashqai R