If you talk to any track day bro, you’ll find out that when they head to the track, they do it for one purpose; faster lap times.

Meet Gab, Kostas and Andreas, three Italian petrol heads who have access to the greatest race track on the planet, the Nurburgring. They each own a Lotus Elise, a turbo-charged Mazda MX-5 and a Honda S2000 respectively, and they have one goal in mind; to get under 8 minutes around the Nurburgring.
That may not seem all that difficult really, considering that most production sports cars set times well under 8 minutes. The problem however, is that most modern production sports cars come factory with a whole lot of horsepower, and the Nurburgring is a track that requires horsepower. All three of the cars mentioned previously however have measly four-cylinders producing less than 200hp. This means driving at the ragged edge, diving into corners far beyond speeds that would be considered safe and sane and shaving off tenths of a second wherever possible. This is episode one of their series documenting their journey, and we can’t wait to see the rest of it.