This Mustang with a NASCAR engine tears up the racetrack – GT Speed

Watch this Mustang with a NASCAR engine tear up the racetrack.

The TMS Whiteline Mustang is a fully fledged racing machine, it features a NASCAR V8 coupled to a clutchless Tex Racing T101A dog box, a long shifter with titanium shift rods and a titanium shifter handle. a Quarter Master Pro 7.25″ triple disc clutch is needed to take all of the power.

In this practice session, the team tests the car and is dialing in all kinds of settings and adjustments, mainly spring rates and other suspension bits and pieces.

This 2008 Mustang is simply amazing, go take a look at the video below, and watch out for the 3:14 minute mark and keep your eyes open.

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Mustang with a nascar engine