Aston Martin has always amazed us with the most refined driving grand tourers. There has been a whole lot of amazing cars but the one that left the world speechless was the db9, with its amazing sculpted body and ramping v12 it won the heart of every petrolhead. Today they got a new replacement for the db9 its called the db11 and certainly judging by its looks Aston Martin hasn’t let us down this time either, to me it looks like the one-77 and the vanquish had a babyand when u see its profile u look at a de-winged Vulcan absolutely beautiful.

The power comes from newly developed v12 pumping out 600 hp 60 more than the db9 GT and 700 n/m, but now its turbocharged. Nowadays everything is becoming turbocharged due to eu regulations about exhaust gases and in some cases this recipe has ruined the feel of a car in some cases they have made it better, lets see what Steve Sutcliffe has to say about this new turbocharged V12