The Audi R8 advert got banned!

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The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that Audi’s eye advert can’t be shown on TV in the UK.
It might seem ridiculous but its true.Audi’s advert so called “The Eye”,can’t be shown on TV anymore in the UK,as it is said that the advert links to speed and excitement.In the ASA ruling the organization stated:
“Audi said they disagreed that the ad linked speed with excitement or that it was irresponsible.

They said the ad was not about speed and was carefully shot (with cars travelling at speeds of less than 30 mph) and edited to avoid giving any impression of speed. Consequently, if the ad had shown excitement, it would not be linked with speed. However, Audi said the ad did not show excitement, as the dilating and contracting pupil denoted concentration and focus, which was a documented scientific phenomenon.”
ASA disagreed with WV Group/Audi’s response stating that:
The ad breached BCAP Code rules 1.2 (Social responsibility) and 20.3 (Rules for motoring advertisements),” the problem being that “several upward changes of gear could be heard and we considered that, without clear visual context…it was likely to be interpreted by viewers as quick acceleration.”
So as a result all that lovely V10 sound that we hear in the advert is gone,and will never be shown in UK screens again.As stupid as the statement sounds,its true.There is nothing we can do about it now and there was nothing to be done in the first place,because how stupid can you be to ban an advert,where the car is going not even 30 mph.Anyway rules are rules.

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