Even though it doesnt matter what engine layout or what drivetrain helps you crash,these videos show perfectly how a car with different wheel drive,reacts in different speeds while cornering, on a Understeer versus Oversteer comparison.

As you can see,the Audi A4 went into the corner way too fast,and because Audi likes to put the engine forward of the front axels,which means that in slippery surfaces at high speeds the stering angle will have zero effect,on where the nose of the car is heading.

Some people call this the Audisteer.If you think the latest generation A4 is different,check this pic of the common MQB platform-based A4.The front wheel drive is considered to be safer than rear wheel drive,because understeer is more safer and easier to correct than oversteer. We say more safer,because understeer is simply corrected by braking and correcting the steering wheel,while a rear wheel drive oversteer requires a lot of fighting,and tail managing.Professional drives prefer the rear wheel drive option,but as you can see,you can overster yourself out of the track pretty easily.Breaks do help in cases like this,unlike the Dodge Viper,the current M4/M3/M2 generations,which are far from being mid-engined,but with their engine infront and the gearbox behind,all the weight is kept with in the wheelbase,which results in a better balance than an MQB,or an Audi,quattro or not. Enjoy this Understeer vs Oversteer video on the ring.

Understeer versus Oversteer, the difference.