There are simple ways to give a Toyota 86 more power.You can a turbo which is easy,you can do an LS swap sure,but have you ever thought of doing an Ferrari V8 into a Toyota 86 swap?

As weird and as unusual as it sounds,someone didn’t even think twice before going into the process.One thing’s for sure,it ain’t easy.

In this teaser video,it shows the 458 swapped Toyota being build,and promising a lot with pro drifter Ryan Tuerck.We can only see the bare frame of the 86 with its new engine,and still you can tell the amount of work put into it.


The windshield has been cut in order to fit the big Ferrari engine,and its big air intakes,which now face backwards as the engine was made to fit in the back of the car.As you can see the 458 sits quite high in the frame,which makes sense,as the 86 was designed around a much lower flat-four engine.An LS would sit much lower in the chassis normally,as it doesn’t have overhead cams like Ferrari does.Anyway this looks like a one crazy project,especially for a drift car,and we can wait to see it perform.

Ferrari V8 into a Toyota 86