The Y-VA engine, was developed in Beloit, Wisconsin and it was introduced in 1924. It was the first high compression, cold start, full diesel engine developed by Fairbanks Morse.

The Y and Y-VA engines, were made to run for long periods without stopping. By 1925, there were over 1,000 American cities generating electricity with Fairbanks engines.

Around 1925,the Y-VA diesel was improved and renamed the Model 32 engine. The Model 32, was the peek of many years of improvement upon the initial Model Y design. The improvements included various cylinder head designs, increased compression, and the eventual adoption, of high-pressure injection and differential fuel injectors. To differentiate various cylinder heads and methods of induction on the Model 32 engine series, letter designations A thru E were used. This 32 model, is running in Pottsville Oregon, and we know its hard to tell from the video, but the engine is so powerful that when it runs, the earth shakes.

Fairbanks Morse