There is so much time and hours of work and research and technology spent on cars, and traction and tires and yet, they still find a way to lose traction.

Even on the drag strip, this Corvette Z06 that’s equipped with drag tires managed to go out of hand. According to the video description, the Murderer is rocking a methanol injection kit with revised camshafts, headers, pulley, and intake, enough to lure the prey in then kill it. So this Z06 acts just like a Predator should. Unfortunately, the Predator almost got itself killed chasing the prey, as after the launch, the back of the car started to lose traction, and the Z06 was heading for a trip to the junk yard, but fortunately this car has the right driver, as he managed to keep it on track without breaking a sweat. But even though after the slide and the save, its still unclear to why the car lost traction like that, and after the slide we saw a white substance that was leaking from its tires, we don’t know what that is but better get it checked.