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Even though the modern version of the La Carrera Panamericana is different from the original, there’s still a lot of things about the old version, that we want to see in person one day. In this video we have a Nascar powered 1950s Olds that has a devilish twist to it.

It might look like an 1950’s Olds on the outside, but don’t let the looks deceive you. What’s powering this beast is an 18-degree headed small block, that screams like a true race car.

We have a Richmond transmission that manages all the gears, and there’s a 9″ Ford axle out back. The car weighs 4200 lbs, and has a top speed of 180 mph, but the best part of it is the sound. This Nascar powered 1950s Olds howls like a true beast on the “La Bufa” part of the road, it makes a sound that we really don’t mind listening to it all day . There are some amazing turns and corners in it, that really bring out the performance of the car and the skills of the driver. This is one of the most bad ass things we have seen in a while, so take a look at the video as it is a real treat.

Nascar powered 1950s Olds

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