Take a look at the Bentley Barnato Speed-Six cautch testing on camuflage

About a year ago, Bentley teased us with the a two seater model, that would be lighter and sportier, than any other Bentley’s ever made before.

Every Bentley fan got stunned, and couldn’t wait to see this new model on the road and well, it looks like this is it. We see the car at the Nurburgring, even though a bit camouflaged but what we don’t see, is it’s performance. For those of you that are not familiar with this car, is called the Bentley Barnato, and it was named after Woolf Barnato, which is a Le Mans winner. The car is going rather slow on the track and our assumptions are, that it might be using the new Panamera V6 engine and platform. We see the Barnato in 2 versions, 1 coupe and 1 cabriolet, and both of them are slow or at least for what we can see, they are going pretty slow. We don’t know much about the car, but we’re expecting some news in the days to come.

Source: www.bridgetogantry.com