There’s a lot of passion and a lot of adrenaline in the drift world.

It might not be as “popular” as fast cars or drag races, but it’s still a discipline that requires everyone’s respect. Drifting is not just a way of driving, drifting is a skill that comes in handy time to time, so learning it brings nothing but good for you. In the video below we see Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Formula Drift Mustang, and he completely destroys Barcelona’s F1 circuit. Mustangs are mostly known for running down people, or crashing into stuff, but as you will see in the video below, in the hands of a pro driver a Mustang can really do amazing stuff. We know that the car is tuned and doesn’t have the same stuff as stock, but still, any car in a pro driver hands can do things you didn’t thought possible. Just so you know, pro drifting cars can run a 1/4 mile in just 9 seconds. These cars are not tuned only to increase power, they are tuned from top to bottom in order to achieve these kind of drifts.