Around a million people saw this happen on Facebook, and around 200K, were watching this MINI live making a lap around the Nordschliefe in just two wheels. In case you’ve been passed out yesterday, Chinese stunt driver Han Yue, which is 2 times record Guinness holder, took a lap around the Nurburgring in just two wheels, and it was spectacular.

There was a lot of tension during the whole lap, Han says, and at some points it was a bit difficult to keep the car steady. “It was the back tyre,” says Han. . “At the start of the lap, I got a very strong vibration that has never happened before. It only happened over 20kmh, but it got worse when I drove faster. So this lap was a lot slower than I liked, and that makes it much more difficult. My shoulder was hurting by 6kms, with 15kms still to go…” Really amazing work by Han, however, this is not the fastest two wheel record ever recorded, and 21 kilometers isn’t the longest distance either, as it is held by an Italian driver and his BMW E30. Both Han and the Italia driver had welded differential. Han is a champ and he deserves more than a trophy for his skills and his efforts.