This short movie with an R35 GT-R an R34 GT-R and a Hakosuka is just awesome.

Having a Skyline is always a dream that never ends. A lot of people say it’s just a car why are you so obsessed about it, and bla bla bla, but the reality is that it’s not just a car.

Skyline means happiness to me and to the most of us, that’s why we try to work our butt off so maybe in the future, we can be able to afford one. You know what’s better than just owning a Skyline? Having friends that also have Skylines. Ah yes, it makes for the perfect Sunday cruise and that’s why this video made by 42 Racing, was so satisfying and so relaxing to watch. Being able to have a Skyline GT-R and enjoying it with your friends who also have Skylines, is the perfect way of describing freedom. Just 3 pals chilling in a Sunday cruise, meeting up with other friends that are into Japanese cars. This is what I call freedom this is what I call living a happy life.

R35 GT-R an R34 GT-R and a Hakosuka