Watch as an illegally imported Lamborghini in Taiwan gets destroyed in front of everybody.

Every country on this planet has strict laws about imported vehicles, and and every one of them acts differently when they catch an illegally imported car.

Some are strict, some give people another chance to export it back where they bought it, and some just destroy them in front of everybody to see, and this is the case of Taiwan. We have no idea about their laws there, but obviously they don’t take illegally imported cars lightly, and they are far from forgiving. In this video, you will a see a clean Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 getting destroyed piece by piece, and there are like 5 cameras recording the whole thing and some people watching this horrible act. Destroying someones car is never the way to go, no matter how strict you are, there must be another way of solving the problem of illegally imported vehicles, and destroying isn’t a solution.

illegally imported Lamborghini