Have you ever driven a rock bouncer tried Rock bouncing?

This is probably something you have never heard off, but i’m pretty sure you will fall in love with it, as soon as you see what’s going on. The goal here is to climb a certain area that is covered with huge rocks as fast as you can. The area also consists of difficult terrains such as mud, big rocks, trees, dirt. It is very very different from your everyday drag race, but surely something on my bucket list, but the cost of a nice Rock Bouncer exceeds the $50K mark, which it might look crazy, but with those kind of terrains you definitely need a set of great suspensions, if not the best ones available on the market. It might look dumb to spend all that money on rock climbing, but the satisfaction and the adrenaline you get from it is unconquerable, so the money is more than worth it.

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