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The R34 GT-R is every JDM lover dream car, and it looks like this guy has made his dream reality.

When you own a workshop that specialises in JDM vehicles, your car must be a JDM, and this guy has chosen the king of all JDM vehicles.

This Skyline R34 isn’t your typical R34 though. Our ears and eyes are used of seeing 500 or 700 horsepower R34’s, this one on the other hand has 1000+ horses to the wheels. Oh yes baby. It has all kinds of goodies you would excpect out of 1000 horses. This baby wasn’t built just to look good, those horses push this monster to run the 1/4 mile in just 9.7 seconds at 147 mph. If 1000 horses sounds scary to you, wait till you hear what the owner has to say.

R34 GT-R

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