This is the rarest McLaren F1 ever made.

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The F1 is one of the most rarest McLaren cars and one of the most finest piece of machinery ever built by man kind. Owning one of them means that you are one lucky bastard, but what if you’re Andrew Bagnall, what does that make you.

He owns the one of the rarest McLaren F1’s ever made, and not only that, he drives his F1 once a month and that is just marvelous.

A lot of people would get mad and say that he should keep his F1 in the garage and store it, but I highly disagree with that opinion. This monster was made to be driven, it was made to reap the track once a week, and even though Andrew doesn’t drive his McLaren that hard, we are more than happy knowing that the car isn’t being left in the garage. His McLaren is way too special to be kept as a show car, after all, Andrew’s F1 is one of only two in the world fitted with the extra high downforce package, featuring dramatic aerodynamic modifications, and a 680bhp LM-spec race engine, and all this means a world full of fun. High revs, wonderful noises, and loud downshifts is all I want to hear from this car. Man this guy is leaving the dream.

rarest McLaren

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