This photo was taken on the streets of The Hague, Holland, where apparently they love these great American classics. This is a 1970 Pontiac GTO!!! Photographed by Riez Stoner!

The classic car insurance specialist, states that a restyled “Coke-bottle” body, available with optional hideaway headlights and a capped-up front with an energy-absorbing Endura bumper, made big GTO news in 1968. Then here come da’ Judge in 1969.

Built through 1971, the GTO Judge borrowed its name from Rowan and Martin’s hit television show, “Laugh In.” Splashy stripes and decals, a rear spoiler and Rally II wheels sans trim rings were standard for the Judge, as was the 366-horsepower Ram Air III 400 V-8. The 370-horse Ram Air IV 400 was optional.

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