Car insurance is a minefield! Here’s an interesting article that talks about steps you need to take in order to avoid your policy being cancelled

If your car insurance company considers you to be a high-risk or deadbeat driver, it may break up with you by canceling your coverage. As with any relationship, it’s wise to know ahead of time what those deal-breakers are and how to get yourself back out on the market should you find yourself without auto insurance.

Fortunately, car insurance companies take cancellation very seriously and will not eliminate your coverage for a traffic ticket or two. Consumers are protected by regulations established by each state’s insurance commission that ban insurance cancellations under most circumstances.

But that doesn’t mean your insurer can’t kick you to the curb….More atCar Insurance Deal-Breakers: Cancellation and Non-Renewal – Fox Business

What’s that saying… forewarned is forearmed! Check it out, it may be useful info for some folks.

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