This is a good example of the high quality and sportsmanship of this firm. This car shows, meeting its periodic reviews, high reliability and resistance.
A traditional element of the French firm is elongated shapes of their bodies, as well as fluid and voluminous lines that give the vehicle a very special. Besides the standard body, Bugatti offers a number of variants.
Despite being a Bugatti, the price is relatively inexpensive to below the Delahaye.
With special versions are available up to 250 hp engines that achieve a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

Cylinders: 8 online.
Displacement: 3257 cc.
Power: 135 hp.
Valves: 16.
Engine Position: Striker.
Driving axle: rear.
Cooling: water.
Maximum speed: 151 Km / h
Units produced: 683

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