2013 SEMA is on the doors with every motor company and customization shop working round the clock for what they have to offer during the big show in Vegas this year.

One of the guys we are talking about is the famous San Diego based wheel design and engineering firm HRE will be showing a mind blowing 1200 horsepower 70′s Camaro build created by the team at Pure Vision LLC, debuting its new HRE Forged wheel models on some of the most anticipated cars of 2014 and displaying a new 3D wheel rendering app for iOS and Android devices in the Performance Hall just below Ford, The Camaro is expected to be a show stunner at SEMA next to hot Mustangs and Mopars, so stay tuned Camaro fans everywhere.

HRE will also be giving away a special edition iPad Mini to one lucky attendee following its press conference.

Other companies are also ready for SEMA 2013. If you remember well, the famed Ring Brothers are readying a NASCAR-powered classic 1965 Ford Mustang. Dubbed “Blizzard”, the new show car will be motivated by a 710 horsepower-packing NASCAR Sprint Cup V8 engine and is expected to receive a number of carbon fiber and billet aluminum parts.

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