Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al-Nahyan, also known as the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’, due to the fact that he once bought a fleet of Mercedes every colour of the rainbow as a wedding present. Decided that he would like to celebrate the desert, by building a very special caravan.

On this occasion the Rainbow Sheik chose to honor the pioneers of the oil boom – and show his passion for classic dune-bashing four wheel drives – by building the most incredible replica of a 1950s Dodge Power Wagon, only eight times the size of the real thing.

Built over a period of months, the scale of the construction was limited only by the size of the wheels that the Sheik could get, which apparently were used on a machine for transporting oil rigs.
The truck is built around a metal frame more reminiscent of static plant, rather than anything mobile. This is emphasized by a flight of stairs leading up to the ‘front door. The Truck houses just about everything needed for comfortable living, including four large, air conditioned bedrooms (The air-con units are visible behind the false radiator grille) as well as a living room,
bathrooms and even a patio in the pick-up bed.



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