Comparing your favourite car with a woman means that you really really love that woman. And we’re not talking about to a whatever woman,but for the famous Marilyn Monroe.
Karen Kaves mentioned : “Marilyn Monroe was a real woman with curves in all the right places. The flowing lines over those distinctive hips… She was very sexy looking and one-of-a-kind ,that’s why I had to call my HQ Monaro ‘Marilyn”
Yes He did this ! This car is very unique it’s a HQ Monaro. He detailed in his mind a concept car combining the old and the new.This project took three and a half years and the car as you see in the picture has very modern look with extra big wheels. “The first car I learnt to drive in was my parents’ yellow HK Monaro. It wasn’t the easiest car to do a hill start in, plus, at 5′ 1″ there was the issue of trying to reach the foot pedals,” said Karen. “We took it to Perth, across the Nullarbor Plain’s unsealed roads, with no air con, to travel back through floods. The car survived and so did I.”








Photos: John Churchill

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