Wanna take a virtual ride with a 1972 Chevy Chevelle at 2AM on the streets of L.A ?Yes pleaseee !
The sound, the sleeky appearance ,the quality and everything of this car is impressive and always will be ! This Machine has the perfect genes to resistant the time of evolution.We admit that this car has a very attractive character and believe me, it will be impossible to deny a ride with Chevy!A small description regarding to this car : The stock dash was exchanged for a new dash which has been loaded with high-tech digital gauges. These include a digital speedo, tach, and several others which give the interior a futuristic look. The rear bench was reupholstered in solid black, while the front bench was exchanged for a pair of leather racing seats. The rest of the tan fabric was thrown out in favor of black, and a racing steering wheel was installed. The stock small block was ditched and an all aluminum LS1 now sits under the hood. This engine has made the car far more practical for city driving with better MPG. The stock hood was replaced with a cowl induction, and the exterior was sanded down and a matte black coat of paint was sprayed giving the car its stealth look. The LS1′s mods are kept discreet, so we suggest do not even try for a race,not a good idea!The question is : do you feel pro of the LSX motors in classic muscle cars ? Let us know your opinion while checking the gallery..







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