Well, the title spies everything and doesn’t leave us to much space to explain.What we think ?If theres anyone interested then buy it. Go through it. Scrap metal all the stuff not salvageable. Bring in the stuff worth selling so it’s closer to the front, then parcel off the empty sections and sell them.
You would probably recoup about 1/2 your initial investment and still have a viable salvage yard business.
The location of L&L Classic Auto is in Wendell, Idaho and the list of this yard includes 100, 55-57 Chevrolets some of which are wagons.Also there are Model TS waiting to be owned by somebody.What else can you dream of ? This yard needs life and a very passionate person that loves classic cars to turn them up.If you want it you can have it for just $3.000.000

Source: wwww.bangshift.com




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