And here comes an old saying : ‘’Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’’ ,and this 1957 Chevy pickup is the perfect example of this .The lucky owner Kelly Hawthorn seems to be so fanatic and so in love with the old classic style because in the whole video he says that’s not using modern amenities. Sometimes the old is just perfect and you cant just go over it.I mean look at that car, its freaking awesome and its not necessary to add something or to remove something just enjoy it.Also the paint color is another wonderful choice by K.Hawthorn. . This creamy nature of the blue looks like it belongs more on an old truck than on a modern car. The seat is a bench grabbed from a Ford Ranger and modified by chopping down the back so it looks factory. The wheels are simple steel wheels that Kelly painted by his self . The black adds great contrast against the blue, which is exactly what he was trying to do with them.The perfect sound that somehow might scare you ,but it shows that the engine is just in a good shape and actually works better than before. We can only imagine how good it sounds wound up to 6-7,000 RPM between gear changes.Congrats to the owner for being so enthusiast for this Chevy, at least every old car looks beautiful if you really show some love for it!

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