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Brace yourself cause a New Chevy truck is coming ..and this time is gonna leave you speechless!

And that’s right cause the owner is representing after a hard work the monstrous Emergency West dually Chevy pickup. We know that this Pickup was disappeared for a long time since the owner passed away ,but his son made the right decision investing in this masterpiece.Yes this Chevy now is refreshed, rebuilt, repowered ,also ready for the next craziness. The current owner of this machine has modified the chassis that now is longer and built with modern standarts of Chevy body’s. Focusing again to the body of this truck we belive that is in the top three of the longest wheelbase wheelstanders of all time.Admit that this Chevy has just burn all your old thoughts about her ! As you can see the basics of this car are the same but we’re going to tell whats the bomb that this Chevy holds in her back!The key elements are two blown big block Chevy engines that hand nearly off the end of the long back part.Can you imagine how much power they can produce ? unbelievable !!! What a great idea and such a sick mind to make this real and furthermore to take the control over it ! The engines have been tested and the body also has been painted.No doubt , hands down …this truck has unlimited power.
This time trust us and check out this video
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