By the way this Hemi Challenger shouldn’t be allowed to participate in Dyno tests for one only reason : To much unaffordable power in one video and rollers can’t handle her!
So guys hands down,that is pure power of 1600 HP from this 1970 Challenger R/T. We cant even get enough of seeing this supercharger in action that screams brutal power.Also one of the things that makes this video even more insane is how much the car jumps around when the driver climbs up into the RPMs.And if you’re wondering if this engine is running mufflers ..well its not !And the camera microphone or whatever is recording this video isn’t the good one that works for this case. Because of that the sound is a bit sketchy so don’t crank your speakers up real loud because the sound is deafening and not very pleasant. However when the car is running at wide open throttle the freaking sound of this Hemi Challenger is so intense that you can almost feel the power.
How impressive is this car!
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