What truly marked the Scottsdale and the Barrett-Jackson auction was the perfect appearance of the 1967 Corvette coupe with a L88 .As you can see in the picture its an awesome car !
Going back in ’67 there were only 20 L88s made also they were a race engine dressed in street motor fashion.Actually the engine used to produce round 430 HP but now with the addition of some headers and powered the red bombshell hit 560 horses.As long we were talking for this famous rich auction the very first offer launched at over $1.ooo.ooo but this was just the beginning and we know this didn’t come as a surprise to the majority of us.When the bidding was over someone was ready to left the auction with $3,850,000 in exchange for the 1967 Corvette coupe .How do you feel about some people do spend over $4 million for a Corvette well we won’t blame you cause this is the rich men’s game!A ccording to the Barrett-Jackson auction there were other deals like the ‘67 Dodge Custom Sports Special pickup or the custom made ‘70 El Camino.Anyways we know that most of us watch this auction only for fun but it’s a whole different world and experience out there!
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