A real man loves the old style and here we’re talking for this extremely beautiful ’68 Chevrolet Camaro! The lucky owners Tom and Margarita from Tyler,Texas decided to give a custom touch cause this car was indeed not in good conditions.We must add that this step transformed this car into a real young spirit,completely capable to make people turn their heads.Maybe isn’t necessary to mention that after a hard work that gives well results hides a skilled talented team. All Tom wanted was ‘’to handle like it was on rails, have enough power to let me show off & look smooth by just sitting still’’ and of course ultimately got what he wanted thanks to Hatfield Restorations at Canton, Texas. Talking about the exterior,well not much left to say of how amazing is this paint scheme?that sleek maroon pearl paint is a great job done by Michael Stovall (Hatfield’s team).

New Michelin Pilot sports tires of 10 inch wide 255/35ZR18 vvere tucked up front with 12-inch wide 315/30ZR18s at the rear end. The sticky Pilot Sports are putted into a high end set of HRE 790R ,3 piece forged rims. With all the suspension and traction that were featured this Camaro has got enough povver to push.Under the new Camaro’s heart rest a Mast Motorsport 427 LS producing 600HP.This Custom-made car also has Tremec T56 6-Speed manual transmission with a Ram dual clutch & TCI bellhousing.As you can see in the pictures the interior is spacious & very elegant, the floor is covered with Mercedes carpet, custom panels were fabricated for the doors, and the stock seats were redesigned and dressed in a fine looking, best quality leather.VVe must say that the exterior and the interior are not the only things redone. The underside of the hood and firewall have been fully smoothed & a core support cover was created to hide some of the necessary yet ugly things needed. This car is completely outfitted with a Detroit Speed (DSE) suspension system. A DSE’s hydroformed subframe that features tubular upper and lower control arms is fitted up front, coilover shocks with “Detroit Tuned” valving, power rack & pinion steering, splined anti roll bar, C6 steering knuckles and bearing packs. VVe do think that this car has the full package to give the best classic and modern experience.
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