This amazing ’67 Ford Mustang Coupe called ‘’Blue Belle’’ has its own story worth to tell
We must say that behind those extremely beautiful cars always stay a crazy man who can do anything for his car and here we’re talking for Chris Meyer,the owner of this car.As you can see in the pictures this badass has lots of custom touch,lots of hard working hours,lots of courage,lots of patience and people that give their best,yeah definitely the results are visible & impressive.We are speechless!And there its starts,Chris Meyer from Florida is an active member of Mustang club of Tampa and own this car for almost a decade.What he did for a long time was being a person who only wants to know everything about his car ,so over the years he used to collect parts and items form the club.Successfully he did the restoration of the transmission and the engine.But all this wasn’t enough,this car was indeed in bad conditions.The entire Mustang body and the paint needed to be redone,so Rusty Gillis of Gillis Performance Restorations did the paint job and the body scraping.When this wonderful job was done the owner added the new Wiring ,high back seats,new suspension,fresh fuel and brake lines, 3 point seatbelts for the interior.But the real Mustang’s heart stays under the hood,with a 289ci V-8 engine conducted by a C4 automatic transmission. The carburetor is Autolite 4100. The coupe also has a dual exhaust, 110 amp 1-wire alternator, Borgeson power steering system, Refurbished stock interior wiring with new blade-style fuse box, 3-point seatbelts, Hi-torque starter ,Aftermarket AM/FM/cassette radio, Mid-eye leaf springs, Power radio antenna installed in right rear quarter panel,LED taillights with sequential turn signals. Now this ’67 Ford Mustang comes with a full new package.Finally the Mustang took the first place in the MCA’s Occasional driver class.And the reason why its called ‘blue Belle’’ its because a friend of Chris wife named the Brittany Blue beauty as “Blue Belle” and the name stays yet.
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