Al right,focusing at the cool price $1.7M,this badass ZR 48 Corvette Boat could be yours!
We will give you some information on this bad to the bone ZR 48 boat.Based in Tennessee powerboat manufacture, the creater Pier 57 produced this Corvette 2700HP than can easily cruise the water at 180 mph while sitting comfortably in a Corvette seat.This MTI ZR-48 boat features a pair of turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines(1350hp) fillet into a carbon fiber hull.As you can notice this isn’t an ordinary boat , it’s a full Chevrolet Corvette inspired hull & interior.The interior is covered with original leather&suede also with 6 air conditioned seats.Furthermore to continue this awesomeness ,the creator Pier 57 has installed a true state of the art sound which includes a custom engine block bow speaker pod with led lights. This pod has 8 Focal K2 coaxial speakers and two horns, two Kicker Solo Baric 10 inch subs in custom matched ported boxes firing into the cockpit, aft mounted speaker pods, custom amp cooling system, Apple TV with Wi-Fi network, custom iPad dock integrated through the ZR1 glove box and a separate volume control for the subs, cockpit and exterior sound.This means that this badass can produce 8000 watts RMS of the total sound system.Very impressive at all !
The engine bays are located with carbon fiber trims,Led & Lumiflex lightning,custom ZR48 badges & bulkhead accent panels.The enormous power of this beast comes from 2 Mercury Racing 1350 HorsePower twin turbo engines.This boat is built with all Corvette’s details ,so the ZR1 type supercharged covers give the engines the Corvette themed appearance.Pier 57 accentuates that all original GM parts were used to finish the ZR1 theme in this wonderful build.
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