Some unexpected news from the ‘National Corvette Restores Society’ for lucky owners of ’65-’72 Chevrolet muscle cars.Those unexpected news are good news at all.NCRS will begin selling shipping records for 1965-1972 Chevelles,Camaros and Novas and this move offers more information about their cars.Which means it will allow much easier access for current owners.They will be capable to find out the dealer code,dealer name,dealer address & build date for their car.Some records may not be readable or may be damaged but in those instances NCRS will return the customer’s money.Since there is a huge audience of 7 million Camaros ,Chevelles & Novas ,NCRS worries that this will cause problems with inquires once the program opens to the public
Anyways,we support NCRS for helping restorers of 3 more Chevy models.
As we said these records will help prove or disprove a car’s background.Furthermore NCRS will charge $50 for the shipping records when the service begins later this year.

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