Nate Walton,the 33 year old from Petaluma ,California is the lucky owner of this golden bullet
Under the hood this car hides a 410 cubic inch V8 and is capable to produce about 375 horsepower and is fast as hell
More interesting is the fact that even though this car is 222 inches long ,it only weights 4675 Lbs.
The paint job is totally on the point and it fits perfectly ,the color is pearl Concord Green
You can clearly see that this Cadillac isn’t like nowadays modern cars and we’re happy that isn’t like that,its all crafted by real dudes in Detroit.Maybe this justify all the good looking pieces that this car own
According to Walton : ‘’ I drove it on the original engine until it burned a quart of oil every 50 miles, then rebuilt the V8 to 410 cubic inches 6.7 liters. Honestly, man, it’s not happy unless I’m beating on it, doing burnouts and going to the drag strip’’

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