The question is : How do you stop a 1000 mph car ?
Well, let’s see how this is possible now thanks to engineers!
You know that to stop any speed barrier you need strong brakes or air brakes and parachutes as well, and the video below describes infinite forces that act on the brakes to slow the Bloodhound. It looks impossible to stop a Bloodhound SSC and this was a half-speed test.During testing, from a speed of 160 mph the part of steel wheels will be spinning at 10,000 rpm. A set of carbon rotors from a jet fighter flattened under the stress during a half-speed of 5,000-rpm test. Engineers changed to steel rotors from AP Racing, which managed to absorb 4.6 kilowatts of energy on a test stand without failing
Furthermore check out the video and feel free to share with us your opinion
Source : Motor Authority

The Cosworth CA2010 F1 race engine alongside the full size BLOODHOUND SSC Show Car. Photograph by Flow Images



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