Great news from the ‘’Lightweight’’!
Did you know what they recently did to the BMW M4 Coupe?Well some extra power we think doesn’t hurt anyone,huh?That’s exactly what happened,the latest BMW production is now upgraded to 520Hp.So the German tuner ‘’Lightweight’’ found a way to bump the power of the M4 Coupe.They installed a titanium exhaust system with valve control which has automatically reduced the car’s weight.Also the front spoiler blade can be optionally had in visible carbon fiber along with an adjustable rear wing made from their material(lightweight material).The wheels are replaced with a BBS 19inch set combined with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup two tires measuring 265/35/19 front and 285/35/19 rear.In this upgrade kit is also included a Bilstein Clubsport suspension package,beefier brakes and stainless steel exhaust system with a valve control.The German tuner ‘’Lightwight’’ did a wonderful job working on the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder TwinPower Turbo,increasing its output from the series 431Hp and 550 Nm to 520horsepower and 650Nm of torque.As may know the standard price of the BMW M4 in Germany starts at €72,200,but including all the goodies of Lighweight the price goes to €89,000.Totally worth!
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