With its stay in the Lone Star State drawing to a close, the team loaded up its Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R and headed to Baytown, Tejas, for a run at the previous GT-R quarter-mile record of 7.8 seconds.Of couse the AMS couldn’t reveal any secrets regarding how was constructed the
piece that made the difference and we mean Alpha Omega GT-R.Another company declared that that : in addition to the car’s 2000+ horsepower,
torque stands at 1,300+ lb-ft of torque adding that boost is all over the place, the intercoolers are huge, and the internals including rods, cams, and pistons have all been strengthened. No nitrous, no supercharging. Consider the mic dropped!
Well,this helped us a little bit figuring out why this GT-R is so extraordinary !
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