Recently a family friend of the German ace, who doesn’t want to identify himself,reported in an article for Daily Express his worries about being optimistic on Schumacher’s future.It looks like he is slowly losing the fight for his life even though somehow he survived the accident,but it’s still difficult for him to survive over the crucial emergency operations,coming out of coma or having moments of consciousness and awakening.His situation is still uncertain.The family friend said “The question remains, however, about how much improvement can be expected in the coming months and years? Will he speak again? Will he walk again? Will he be able to feed and dress himself?”
No one can answer this, not even the doctors can really tell if he will be able to fully recuperate from the severe injuries caused from the skiing crash.Exists million possibilities that he would stay alive or whether he would be permanently crippled, brain damaged or completely immobilized.Who knows,we wish him a full recovery!Michael Schumacher is currently staying in a specially built home-based clinic in his mansion in Lake Geneva,Switzerland.
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