Karl-Otto Noelle: “Since BMW consistently uses turbocharging and capacity extensions are only useful for naturally aspirated engines, we can now increase the performance more than ever, benefiting from our many years of electronics know-how.”
Buchloe-based company, Noelle Motors, owned by former Alpina owner Karl-Otto Noelle, presents 3 new performance packages for the S55 engine of the new BMW M4.
The basic package boosts the horsepower from 425hp to 517hp and the torque from 550nm to 650nm. Electronic speed limiter is removed.
The second package a software combination with sport catalysts, producing 540hp and 660nm of torque.
The third package includes a low-pressure accumulation sport exhaust system whitch boost power to 560hp and 670nm of torque.
On request, Noelle can also install an adjustable suspension or custom light forged wheels from HRE.
Price starts at 4,980 euros and comes with warranty.


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